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     On March 15, 1982, approximately 15 people met in the basement of the recreation center in Forest Park, Georgia, in an effort to form a club for knife collectors, dealers and enthusiasts on the south side of Atlanta. There were no knife clubs on the south side of metropolitan Atlanta. Calling themselves the Flint River Knife Club, the group set out to fill that void. Three organizational meetings later, they started the club with 56 charter members.

The purpose of the club, as stated in its by-laws, is "to enhance and develop the art of knife making, collection, use, and exhibiting of knives.To assist the development and dissemination of technical information regarding every aspect of knives, knife makers, collectors and exhibitors. To encourage, coordinate and sponsor trade shows and meetings."

Any person that makes knives, collects knives or wants to learn to make knives, how to collect, or buys and sells knives is welcome.  Flint River Knife Club meets quarterly and features an informative lecture concerning knives. The exceptions are those months when the club has an outing of some kind, which is usually a technical demonstration at a knife maker's shop. In December the club has a Christmas dinner at one of the local restaurants.

The present location of the quarterly meeting in January, May and November is:

First Baptist Church
142 College Street, Jonesboro GA
(7 pm)


January Event:

January 18, 2020

1200 Foster St. NW
Atlanta, GA

We are holding an event at the blacksmith shop of Mark Hopper of Goat'N'Hammer, located at 1200 Foster St. NW, Atlanta, GA.

We will start around 9:00 AM.

We will be doing an Iron-in-the-Hat, so bring things to donate, such as handle material, steel, or anything that a knife maker/collector might need.

*** As with all activities, details will be sent to active members prior to the event.

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Congratulations to Tom Goble
Tom is the winner of the 2016 FRKC Benefit Knife.


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